closed beta


Thank you so much for joining us on this early train. We super duper appreciate any feedbacks about the platform so that we can provide you a superior service when the official platform is launched. If there is any issue, we will try to solve them in matters of minutes.

1. Who are we?

Adyio is a platform that connects players through their favourite games or idols. The platform is a product of adyio tech, a startup based at the University of Rochester.

2.  Is this an official launch?

Right now, we are still in the Beta phase. We want to know more about your experience so that we can improve our service in our official launch.

3. Is there any commission fee?

No, adyio will not take any commission fee at this phase. However, there will be some rules that you might have to follow as an or an gamer. If you want to be an ally, go to Edit Profile > Become an Ally (on the top right)

4. What is an ally?

You are a adyio gamer who is invited to play games together by a gamer based on your ranking and rating. They will pay a certain amount of money per hour to play with you.

5. I am an gamer. How do I start?

First you have to deposit some money into your adyio account. To avoid any extra cost in the testing phase, we will leverage Venmo as the money transfer tool. After that, you can invite any allies to play with you by offering them a reasonable price. In case you want to take your money out, you will request us. The money will be sent via Venmo in 3 - 5 business days.

6. When can I cancel the transaction?

You cannot take money out after you and the ally have agreed on the transaction.

Otherwise, you just have to request us to withdraw the transaction by clicking this button on the top right.

7. Is Venmo a must?

You must have Venmo to use adyio in this early phase. The official launch will be different as we add more payment options.

8. What is adyio’s role in these transactions?

Adyio will act like a non-profit third-party that temporarily holds gamers’ deposit to make sure there is no fraud in the transaction.

9. Who I should contact if I have any reports or feedbacks?

Please pm on our FB page or email us at or We will get back to you as soon as we got the reports or feedbacks from you.

10. What is adyio Venmo account?

Other than Venmo, you can email us at or to withdraw or deposit money in your adyio wallet. However, Venmo is preferable

Name: adyio tech

@ adyio-tech